The electrification of Ibo

Rob, General Manager, gets excited for power on Ibo


Here I am again after a lengthy absence.  Ibo Island Lodge has been hectically busy with guests and mobile safaris. I have no complaints – it’s wonderful to see lots of happy smiley faces around.

Lots has been happening including my visit down to Ilha de Mozambique. It was interesting to see a further extension of the Ibo history & culture – but if the truth be told I far prefer Ibo Island & wouldn’t swop it for anything!

There is currently a lot of activity happening on the island with the electrification of Ibo. Lots of poles are being “planted” at the moment  – they are nearly done. We can’t wait for the power to be finally switched on. Yes it is going to be a change on the island. No more generators, fuel supply headaches & most importantly – “hopefully” power all day to cool the lodge and our guest rooms. The islanders are more than excited and happy that this is happening at last. All the luxuries that we take for granted like lights at night,  ice and a cool fridge can become a reality for them, its great to be a part of this positive development on the island.

The whales this year seemed to be far more plentiful than last which puts a big smile on my face – we’ve had some great sightings. We are also continuing to have great sightings of the Green Malkoha & the lodges weaver colony over the roof restaurant is in full voice at the moment.  It’s a perfect time for all birders right now.

Some seafood has been a little scarce of late due to the change in winds, but once the rains start we will get our usual flourish of tiger prawns so here’s to the onset of the rainy season!

We actually had our first proper storm of the season a couple of days ago – even had thunder & lightning, and as is usual here, an hour later all was gone. The winds have been and continually switching from North to South then back again a couple of days later. Who knows the reasons?  The islanders are convinced that we are in for an early rainy season this year. Don’t be put off – the rain doesn’t last long at all, and often comes during the night,  the storms can be just spectacular to witness, the sea is glassy and it’s definitely not cold!

Until next week, just another week in paradise …. Safari Ngema